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Religious practice is a very personal thing, but far too many people are confused by the often conflicting beliefs taught by their leaders. Others consider themselves to be “spiritual, but not religious” and they, too, may be confused by the spiritual traditions that they come in contact with. Hopefully, our books in this category will help them find a fulfilling path.

An Eye-Opening Christian Experience

Are you afraid of going to hell? Do you live your life in a Christ-like way? Are you unhappy with your Christian life? Do you have a personal daily relationship with Jesus Christ?

Jesus wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. If we follow the gospel truths explored in “Walking with Jesus” we can become a better person on earth and have a hope of salvation. Being a Christian also lets us experience a community of faith that should nourish and sustain us as we follow the Christian path.

I wrote this book to encourage any Christian who reads it to follow the Gospels, not the doctrines of men, and to become more Christ-like in everything they do.

Salvation is an often misunderstood gift from Jesus Christ. My heart bleeds for those millions of Christians who don’t know or don’t realize the Gospel truths about salvation. They often think, because they have been “saved”, that their salvation is assured. They couldn’t be more wrong. Sadly, they go through life living in ignorance and sin, without repentance, and are unable to experience a true relationship with our Lord. I weep for them.

This book is filled with the love of Jesus, as well as suggestions for using His words to create a new and wonderful life embraced by His love. In addition to creating a daily, personal, and close relationship with Jesus, you’ll also learn new ways to approach your relationships, your marriage and sexuality, and your parenting. Plus, and this is very important, you’ll learn about alternatives to practicing the pagan rituals that were introduced to Christianity 300 years or more after the death and resurrection of our Lord.

If everyone lived an authentic Christian life we could change the world.


“Rev. Shannon is very earnest and zealous. Sounding like a prophet, he jumps into controversial topics with a unique personal perspective. His dedication humbles me.” – Jesse Bradley, pastor of Sebastopol Community Church.

“A compelling and wonderful resource for Christians.” – Tracie Peterson.

“Wow! I learned things about some Christian traditions that blew me away! I won’t be celebrating THOSE holidays anymore.” – Joshua Graham.

“I never realized what an authentic Christian is until I read this book. Now, at last, I have some hope of salvation and eternal life with our Lord Jesus. I was headed to hell.” – Sage Ross.

“The author’s personal revelations and stories added a lot to this book. He is not afraid to reveal his sins in front of others. This is a humble man.” – Robert Coy, Pastor, author.

“The beautiful Christian art throughout the book really added to my enjoyment.” -Luss Dane.

About the author:
Scott Shannon is the senior pastor for the Worldwide Christian Ministry association, a ministry serving Christians around the world. He has worked as a volunteer pastor for the past thirty years in jails, prisons, nursing homes, homeless shelters, food pantries, and in churches in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Reverend Shannon’s Christian writings are considered radical and controversial by some.

Scott currently resides in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina with his son and five “pound puppies” rescued during the past sixteen years. His wife of thirty years died in 2000.



SAS Publishing - Walking With Jesus Study GuideA Study Guide For Bible Study Groups and Adult Sunday Schools “Walking With Jesus: How You Can Be An Authentic Christian” is a book that will be of interest to most Christians who want to get closer to God. This study guide for the full-length illustrated book will provoke lively discussions in small group Bible studies or in adult Sunday school classes. Note: This study guide is also designed to work with “Walking With Jesus: The Joy of Living In His Love“.



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Caminando con Jesús: ¿Cómo Puede Ser Un Cristiano Auténtico? (Spanish Edition)

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Das Gehen Mit Jesus: Wie Kann Man Sein Ein Echter Christ (German Edition)


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