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Dating and relationships in the 21st century are very different from what our parents and grandparents experienced. Society has changed, dating has changed, gender roles have changed, and ways to connect have continuously expanded during the past 30 years. How have all of these changes affected you?


I Am A Sexual Being – An Adult Journal For Self-Exploration


Do you feel guilt or shame about sexual things? Were you taught that sex is dirty? Is your sex life as fun and fulfilling as you would like it to be? As a therapist for more than 20 years I have helped hundreds of couples reinvigorate the joy of sex in their lives. May I help you?

This book is full of writing and thinking ideas to help you recognize and celebrate that you are a sexual being who deserves to have a fun and fulfilling sex life.

In working with this journal you may be asked questions or simply see a statement. In either case your response should be to write something (short or long) that these statements or questions inspire or provoke in you. If you need to write more than what you can fit on the page, simply continue your writing on the back of the page. They’re all blank.

Sometimes you may react with a painful emotion. But remember, it’s OK to feel and express your feelings through laughter or tears, and everything in between. Sex and sexuality can be a controversial topic. This is adult material. It is recommended that you keep this journal private. This will allow you to be completely honest in your responses.

You may go through this journal in the order it is presented or you may skip around as you choose. You’re an adult, so, of course, it’s up to you. However you use the book it is my sincere hope that you, too, will be a happier sexual being.

If you buy the print version you may find it relaxing to color some of the pages using pens or markers. I have intentionally left a blank page behind each journal page. But be sure to put a blank sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to prevent bleeding onto the next page.




How To Reawaken Your Marriage - S.A.S. Publishing

Discover the path too true communication, which is the real secret of a successful marriage.
Discover the path to managing your anger, which teaches how to protect your marriage from “angers harmful effects”.
Learn the art of active listening, which means you will know how to cure the effects of harmful words.
Discover the patterns for a happy marriage.
Learn how to be aware of your own thoughts, which means you will understand how your mood and emotions will impact your spouse.
Learn the fine art of negotiation, which means being able to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.
Learn how to effortlessly solve problems, which means you will understand and then do marital negotiations effectively.

Saving Your Sexless Marriage

Saving Your Sexless Marriage - S.A.S. Publishing

Learn About:

– Distrusting your partner because you suspect an affair

– Avoiding a conversation to avoid an argument

– More headaches than normal

– Drinking a little or a lot more alcohol

– Dreading bedtime

– Avoiding going to bed at the same time as your partner

– Resentment

– Ignoring the phone when you know it’s them calling

– Appearances have changed for the worse

– Rehearsing what to say so you don’t say the wrong things

– And Much More!


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