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Freelance Job Sites: Are They Worth It For You?

Freelancing Success

The Odds Of Success May Be Stacked Against You Chances are you’ve heard of these freelance job sites like Upwork, eLance, Freelancers, 99design, Fiverr, and even Craigslist. And if you’re just starting out or struggling with finding consistent freelance work, these are gonna look very appealing, but are they worth it for you even if […]

What is Life Coaching?

S.A.S. Publishing - Life Coaching

My Life Coaching Is Success Coaching Because It Is Guaranteed Life can be challenging and seemingly too difficult to cope with at times. Some obstacles that may be in our way feel insurmountable and goals and dreams we have may seem undoable. Some of the reasons we may feel we cannot cope or that things […]

18 Practical Tips to Make $11,000 Profit Per Day Online With David Mills

A Video From Marketer David Mills If You Prefer To Read Here Is The Transcript: What is up everybody? I’m giving away cash. I’m giving away this iPad at the end but more importantly I got David Mills on here. We’re gonna be talking about how he’s making $11,000 a day profit online with OMG […]

Hemp Seed Oil

A New Way To Treat Common Ailments? I saw an advertisement recently for Hemp Oil and decided to learn more about it. After reading their website I concluded that American Hemp Oil CBD is the one thing you need to try if you aren’t living up to your full potential. Common Ailments That Hemp Oil […]

How To Change A Bad Habit

How To Change A Bad Habit - S.A.S. Publishing

You Can Break A Bad Habit! Who doesn’t have a bad habit? It would be hard to find someone that you know that won’t admit to having some type of bad habit. These habits can be related to your health, your relationship, or to your business. Before I share my tips for breaking a bad […]

The Only Constant In Life Is Change

Fear of Change

Change Makes Life Happen Let’s face it… We all have challenges and struggles in life. And guess what?  These challenges require us to change! But… Sometimes we don´t want to change. We don´t want to take the next step! It can be due to fear, lack of self-confidence, or another reason particular to your situation. […]

Which Do You Fear The Most – Death or Public Speaking?

Public Speaking

Most People Fear Death Less Than Public Speaking Public speaking is an art. Whether the group is small or large many people find the process completely overwhelming. Successful presentations require clear delivery that includes proper inflection, pauses, and emphasis. If you’ve ever had to speak in public before you probably know that feeling of terror […]

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