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I founded S.A.S. Publishing in 2001. I published books and eBooks by new authors. I had a philosophy that differed from the standard publishing rigamarole that new authors faced when trying to get their books published. I still accept manuscripts from authors seeking to get published as eBooks. (Contact me for more information)

In 2005 I added music publishing to the business. Like the book publishing world, the music business was mostly closed to indie musicians. Since 2005 I have released more than 200 albums into worldwide digital distribution, including 24 albums that I composed and recorded.

As my company expanded I often added temporary staff so that I could continue growth with online courses, fine art prints, home decor, custom-printed t-shirts, business services, coloring books for adults, and more. There’s just too much to do sometimes as a “one man band”.

Before I founded S.A.S. Publishing in 2001 I had decades of work experience. My first career was as a computer programmer, systems analyst, and Director of Information systems. I returned to college in 1984 and earned a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies with a focus on psychology and psychological treatment modalities. In 1987 I earned an M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology and began a new career as a therapist, social worker, and Social Services Administrator. During this career I counseled individuals, children, families, and groups dealing with addiction, divorce, family disruption, and mental disorders.

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My Mission Statement

From the very beginning my mission has been to help people succeed in their lives. This started when I began helping frustrated authors get published.

When I began publishing music in the early days of digital music I was able to get distribution deals for more than 100 indie musicians (as well as myself).

As the business continued to expand over the years I have been able to help dozens of designers and artists get started selling their t-shirts, shower curtains, duvets, paintings, and graphic designs.

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